DIY Home

By: Eilen V. Tolentino

DIY Home "Improvements" in Your Toronto Property

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 DIY home improvements are the latest thing right now, especially since the lockdown, people have so much time to do it as it keeps them busy. Social media has empowered people to aspire to remodel or repair the interior of their homes single-handedly. This thing isn’t just beloved by the home-owners, yet by the renters too. Even though a landlord wants a tenant to maintain their rental home as if they own it, some renters are too extravagant.
When it comes to home improvements, the kitchen and the bathroom are the primary targets. Contemporary corrections in these rooms also include tile backsplashes and brightly painted walls. When executed correctly, these minor remodels can create unique interior spaces. The problem is that creative interiors are useless when it comes to enriching your property’s value. If your tenant carries out a mediocre job of their improvements, your property value could even drop.
While small home maintenance tasks can and should be required of renter, renovations, or the remodeling of any of the home’s permanent fixtures should be discouraged in the lease. Another great idea is to carry out regular property evaluations; this is what Infinity Property Management provides to all our property owners in Toronto. We will make sure the tenant is safeguarding the property in the proper condition and handle any tenant requests for improvements or repairs.