Humber College Now has a real estate salesperson program!

By: Janelle

Humber College Now has a real estate salesperson program!

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Want an in-person experience when taking your real estate courses? You're in luck! After 60 years of working with the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) to deliver online real estate courses, the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) has shifted their focus and has partnered up with NIIT Canada and Humber College to deliver, design and handle all aspects of creating a new real estate program. This program launched in July 2019 and has gained alot of positive feedback thus far.

Still offering an online approach for those who love the convenience and have several other commitments, the courses are a bit different than what OREA offered. Humber's program focuses on transactions and teaches students the fundamentals of real estate, but also provides a practical approach. A few changes include review sessions either in-person or virtually, depending on your needs that you can register for. These review sessions allow students to ask any questions, review material and gain a better understanding of given concepts. In addition to these review sessions, students also have the option of registering into simulation sessions. These sessions are extremely useful as students are given real-life scenarios and learn how to handle them. Students also have the opportunity to receive coaching from Real Estate experts currently in the industry. It's always exciting to learn from the best!

So what happens to those already taking OREA courses? The only downside is that you will now have until November 2020 to complete them. In the case that they cannot be completed, you will be required to restart.

For more information on the program or to see the fees for each course, Click here.