Must-dos when renting a home

By: Eilen V. Tolentino

Must-dos when renting a home

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There are advantages when renting a home. You are not responsible for expensive taxes that come when you own a property. And you don't need to worry about the necessary improvements in the rental property. However, as a tenant, you still have some responsibilities and obligations. Here are some of the must-dos when renting a home.



Read and understand the lease terms carefully – Ensure to read and understand the lease agreement before signing it. It is better if you have a professional real estate agent to look over it to ensure everything is fair. There are certain clauses and rules to examine, such as, how and when to pay your rent and the guidelines for breaking a contract. Make sure you read everything before signing a lease.



Discuss with the landlord about the rules regarding home changes – If you are thinking about customizing the rental home, you must first talk to the landlord before doing anything drastic. Most owners are okay with the tenants changing the walls' color as long as they pay for it. As a tenant, you should ask and get the landlord's approval in writing before making any changes to the rental.



Deep clean the property – It is highly recommended to do a deep cleaning of the property before moving. You never know who lived in the home before you. Specially nowadays, with the pandemic, you must extra careful. Rental cleaning must be a top priority before moving in.