Tips on How to be A Good Tenant

By: Eilen V. Tolentino

Tips on How to be A Good Tenant

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When you’re renting, you can have good landlords and even bad ones. There is nothing much you can change and do when it comes to them. However, you can do things as a renter to maintain a good relationship with your landlord. Here are some tips on how to be a good tenant.



Pay your rent on time – Paying your rent on time is a primary way to be a good tenant. You shouldn’t be hunted by your landlord or property manager and be asked for your rent to be paid. Ensure your rent is paid on or before your due. Paying your rent timely will help you build a healthy and good relationship with your landlord.



Open and direct communication - When you have issues with the rental home, such as maintenance, it’s better to communicate with the landlord or the property manager. Let them know your problems that affect your living environment and satisfaction. Communicate with them openly and directly about the issues in the rental that you want to be solved.



Do not be too demanding - Speaking of issues, you must know that you are not the only renter that your landlord has. Although it is advisable to tell them and let them know the problems you’re having regarding the rental, remember that not every issue is worthy of your complaint. Know what is worth reaching out over and what is not. If it’s something you can handle, you better not bother your landlord and do it yourself. Your landlord will appreciate it.