Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I hire a Realtor to sell my home?

Realtors understand what your home should sell for and they know how to market your property. Marketing is a key component of getting more attention to your listing and making sure you get the highest price for your home. If you want to work with a top notch Realtor, please give us a call.?

Why should I hire a Realtor to buy a home?

Realtors will do the research of the home and the area that you want to purchase a home. Realtors have knowledge of different areas in the city. They will tell you the pros and cons of moving into a specific neighborhood. When you find the right home, they will prepare the offer, review all the paperwork with you and negotiate on your behalf. They work for you to get the best price.

Does Royal LePage provide leads to their agents?

Royal LePage provides you with an advanced new lead generation system to help you generate new leads, but it also helps you convert these leads.

How much does it cost to get your Real Estate licence?

The courses Humber College will cost you approximately $4500 and the cost to get registered with Reco and Treb will be approximately $3000.

How do I join Royal LePage?

Contact us and we will provide you with the RECO and TREB transfer forms to transfer your licence over to us.

Is Royal LePage a good company to work for?

A career with Canada’s Real Estate Company, Royal LePage, allows you the flexibility to create a schedule that works for you, while maximizing your earning potential. At Royal LePage, we believe that real estate success requires developing long-lasting, deep and honest relationships and we do everything possible to strengthen these interactions, fostering a highly collaborative environment and culture.  Our products, tools and services are also what differentiate us from the competition. We continue to invest in and develop innovative, leading-edge platforms that increase agent productivity and success.

How do I become a successful Realtor?

We believe that you should have training, mentorship, strong office support and a system to help you generate leads. Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve success in Real Estate

How do I start my real estate career?

You must complete the mandatory education through Humber College, which can be completed in-class or through correspondence. Once you complete the mandatory classes, you can contact us to apply for your real estate licence and start to sell homes.

How much does a real estate agent make per year?

There is no salary, as Realtors are usually on 100% commission. This means that they must find clients that want to Buyer and Seller property in order for them to earn an income.

How much do I make if I sell one house in Toronto?

The average commission a Realtor makes if they introduce a Buyer to a property would be 2.5%. The average price of a home that is sold is Toronto is approximately $700,000.  Therefore the total gross commission would be $17,500.  Please remember this is before any brokerage fee's or taxes.

How much does it cost to list and sell my home?

A normal commission rate is approximately 5%. 2.5% usually goes to the Listing Agent and 2.5% goes to the Realtor that brings the Buyer.

Does it cost money to have a Realtor help me purchase a home?

Using a Realtor to help you buy a home is usually free.  The Seller normally pays the Buyer Agent, as well as the Listing Agent their commission.  However, there are special circumstances when the Buyer would have to pay commission to their Agent.  

Do you have free Parking?

Yes, we have free parking behind our building, as well as lots of free parking in the area.