Apartment Hunting Tips

By: Eilen V. Tolentino

Apartment Hunting Tips

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It's not easy to find an apartment, and with the pandemic happening, it seems downright impossible. Though apartment hunting during Covid-19 is not ideal, it is also not as difficult as it looks. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you through the task of looking for an apartment.


Work with a professional – Rental agents, like real estate agents, are a fantastic resource for navigating and understanding the local market. They must know the rental market's locality inside and out, especially the building and areas to consider and which one to avoid. Communicate with your agent about what you're looking for and your budget, and they will give you with a list of suitable options in return. It's a lot effective than wasting your time with apartments that are not the right fit.


Do some research – If you plan to move to an area that you don't know about, you'll want to learn as much before jumping into the first rental you see. You can turn into online platforms to help you with your search and give information about the area and what it's like. Look for demographics of crime rate and the commute information, bike scores, walk scores, transit scores, ideas of the bar and restaurants, and shops scene. It would be best to look out for rental scams that attempt to take advantage of people looking for rentals without seeing it.